Fees & Costs

At Soule Law we take extra care to work with each client to ensure payment is never a central concern. In many cases we offer reasonable flat fees so everyone is on the same page at the outset regarding costs. We also offer reasonable hourly rates and take cases on a contingency basis (percentage of recovery) whenever possible. To learn more about our fees and our services, we offer free 15 minute phone consultations.


At Soule Law we recognize there is a void in the legal marketplace. The void exists between many working and middle class individuals, whose income is too high to qualify for free (pro bono) legal services, but too low to pay traditional fees. This puts a squeeze for many in the middle.

For that reason, the principal of Soule Law set up SmarterLEGAL, where modest and middle income individuals and families can be assisted on a reasonable flat fee basis. This helps fill the void in the legal system by allowing access to affordable legal services for many who have been priced out of the current system. 

Please contact us or go to www.smarter-legal.com for more details.